Al Gomez found a career that he had been looking for a decade ago. Working in the field of SEO was not his first job for he was a trainer in a fast food chain earlier while he was in college to support his studies. In a job related to his earned degree, he started as a webmaster and later became a webdeveloper that required his programming skills. At an early age, he had witnessed the reality of life and his experiences were his companion towards success. With those, he had proven that with hardwork and perseverance, success is always possible to reach. As administrator and seo consultant of Dlinkers SEO Service, his dedication to his work and strong grasp to his goal to reach the ship of triumph brought him where he is now.

Recently he posted in his blog the recent update in the world of search engine optimization. In his post, he discussed the possibility that Google would penalize a certain website. According to him, spammy guest can be one reason that the big G will penalize a website. At the same time, he would like to share to website owners that a site that has too many links may also be devalued. Thus, he emphasized that to hire seo and to follow the webmasters guidelines is the best way to keep the website from Google penalty.
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