2 Jul 2017

Part-Time Field Research Agent


NOTE: This job listing has expired and may no longer be relevant!

Job Description

Being part of a passionate group of people on a mission to make creativity more fun.
Experiencing new things, learning new skills and growing your existing strengths by embarking on a quest completely different from your day job.
Having autonomy over when and where you work. You get to choose your schedule and customize how you want to approach your work.

Strong interpersonal communication skills, and the ability to articulate concepts clearly and concisely.
Comfort working and communicating with a diverse array of people.
Creative problem-solving.
Determination – the ability to persist even when things seem tough.
A day-job that doesn’t quite satisfy you.
Willingness to commit one hour a day to build something new with a great team.
Responsible. Fulfills commitments.

Print a Thing is a marketplace for 3D printing services. It connects people who have underutilized 3D printers with those who need custom objects fabricated. In doing so, it allows those with 3D printers to make money, while offering immensely powerful 3D printing services at the lowest cost.

Print a Thing has a working massively-parallel distributed manufacturing platform up and working. With this platform, we can provide quality 3D printing services at ⅓ the cost of our major competitor, and will soon be offering 1/14th the turn-around time. Such a combination of low cost and high value positions us to be a dominant player in the 3d printing space.

More information can be found at https://printathing.com

We have plans to expand into several different markets that are known for their current 3d printing demand. Your job, if you’re offered this position, is to find and have conversations with representative customers in each of these markets. Over coffee or lunch, you will learn what is important to them in their everyday, what they use 3d printing for, and what features we could add to our service to further improve their lives. This feedback is absolutely essential and will help inform our strategic roll-out.

The profits of so many big companies go to just a few fat cats at the top. Not with Print a Thing, LLC. We believe that people should be allowed to reap what they sow, and have built the company around this idea. Every partner contributing to Print a Thing is offered a percentage of all company profits, proportional to how much time they have invested in the company up to that point. Even the CEO is paid according to this formula and takes no additional compensation for himself. This way, we all can enjoy the process and share the rewards equitably.

We’re already profitable, and this planned expansion should help increase that profit significantly.

If what we’ve described is interesting to you and you’d like to know more, please let us know. Send your resume and a paragraph about why you would be good for the job to donna@printathing.com and we’ll start the interview and team member validation process.

Job Categories: Featured and Security. Job Types: Part-Time.

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