Food Plant Manager | Food Operation Manager | Food Manufacturing Manager

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Desired salary: $95,000.00
Desired position type: Full-Time.
Location: New York New York, United States

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Accomplished and goal-driven professional with extensive experience in plant and store operations management, encompassing overall plant operations including production, quality control, food safety, employee safety, and personnel management. Additional qualifications include:

Hands-on experience in leading the restoration of operations for the whole plant from scratch following Hurricane Sandy, which involved overseeing construction, purchasing new equipment, and coordinating with insurance companies to obtain funds for damages
Comprehensive background in budgets management, quality assurance, and human resource management
Expertise in establishing a positive and safe working environment, with proven capability to implement innovative solutions to drive productivity and efficiency
Articulate communication, negotiation, and interpersonal skills in building positive work relationships with professionals of all levels


  • Languages:
  • English | Hebrew | Russian
  • Technical:
  • Microsoft Office Suite (Excel, PowerPoint, and Word)
  • QuickBooks


Bachelor of Science in Business Management and Accounting
Brooklyn College of the City University of New York  Brooklyn, NY

HACCP: A State-of-the Art Approach to Food Safety Certification
Good Manufacturing Practice Certification


RSR Holding Group LLC (DBA Russian Style Ravioli)  Brooklyn, NY (2008–Present)
Plant Operaton Manager, Food Manufacturing 2014–Present
Utilize enterprise resource planning (ERP) to effectively manage business operations and automate standard operating processes
Implement policies to ensure compliance with good manufacturing practices and organizational regulations
Track and generate reports on operating costs within functional areas, and communicate with management on cost and labor overruns
Manage staffing requirements, which include hiring new employees, organizing schedules, and facilitating training to ensure compliance with hazard analysis and critical control points (HACCP) and sanitation guidelines (SSOP)
Oversee all Food and Drug Administration (FDA), United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), New York City Health Department, and New York City Fire Department audits
Handle the daily procurement and purchasing of supplies, ingredients, and raw materials; as well as in tracking daily sale and shipments
Coordinate with the FDA and the New York City Health Department to ensure that plant operations maintain compliance with USDA requirement and regulations
Direct the operations of the Plant Services Team, which include developing and implementing sanitation, pest control, and waste management programs for the facility
Monitor inventory levels and purchase necessary raw materials to meet projected needs while optimizing warehouse space and minimizing expenses
Initiate annual travels to establish closer work relationships with customers and the Sales Team
Process accounts receivable and accounts payable, and collaborate with the accountant on payroll and worker’s compensation insurance

RSR Holding Group, LLC  Brooklyn, NY
Assistant Plant Manager | Plant Operation Manager 2008–2014
Successfully passed Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) inspections
Negotiated with customers and distributors to achieve the right pricing for resources
Led the restoration of operations for the whole plant from scratch following Hurricane Sandy, which involved overseeing construction, purchasing new equipment, and coordinating with insurance companies to obtain funds for damages
Played a major role in opening and resuming the operations of a plant in less than a month following USDA PLANT# revoke
Made significant contributions in boosting annual sales from $80K to 2.4M, as well as expediting the hiring process by 50%

Spartak International Inc.  Whitefish Bay, WI
General Store Manager 2005–2007
Designated responsibilities to staff based on areas of expertise to ensure that they fully utilized their knowledge to provide the best service
Prepared work schedules for staff and generated monthly workers’ performance report to determine areas of opportunity for improvement
Initiated market surveys and researched consumer preferences to determine products that were in high demand and ensure that they were available in the store
Conducted visits to competing stores to gain information on their products, pricing, services, and sales strategies, and utilize those information to improve the store’s quality of service delivery
Monitored market prices of goods to ensure that store prices maintained competitive advantage
Implemented sales promotions to boost sales, showcasing products to customers at good rates to engage them in buying products
Addressed customer concerns on products and services, as well as complaints and returns while making mutual benefits for both the store and the customers