Digital Media and Content Manager

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Desired salary: $65,000.00
Desired position type: Full-Time.
Location: Round Rock Texas, United States

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Effective at devising and implementing strategic plans to meet set-forth objectives, maximize growth opportunities, and increase company’s brand awareness. Committed to providing first-rate management skills in guiding and building a team to enhance boost optimize productivity and efficiency. Highly capable of multitasking within fast-paced environments, while ensuring high-quality work and performance. Equipped with exemplary communication and interpersonal aptitudes, essential in establishing rapport with professionals at all levels.



    Master of Science in Information Assurance and Computer Security (Online), In Progress | Completion: Spring 2019
    Dakota State University, Madison, SD

    Bachelor of Science in Computer Science (Online) | 2012
    Baker College, Flint, MI
    – Graduated cum laude (3.59 GPA)
    – AI Developer, Second Life Virtual Reality World Creation

    Associate of Applied Science in Web Design (Online) | 2009
    Baker College, Flint, MI
    – Graduated summa cum laude (3.92 GPA)

    Computer Security and Internet Safety Fundamentals Certification
    Ballot Administration Certification
    Quiz Planning Certification
    Contest Admin – National Sports Certification
    Contest Sales Planning Certification


    Digital Manager | Internet Director 2016–2017
     Took charge of all editorial duties and oversaw the company’s digital services to optimize user experience and audience engagement, while driving revenue growth
     Formulated and initiated strategic initiatives across all platforms, including desktop and mobile sites, mobile applications, social networks, and all existing and emerging media
     Capitalized on industry expertise in increasing video and page views; unique visitors; time duration spent on site; pages per visit; social shares, engagement, and audience; and application downloads
     Utilized WordPress, HTML, and CSS in creating and publishing web content for additional engagement, brand recognition, promotions, and sales of products
     Managed company’s digital products, numerous projects, and all digital content, research, software, marketing, and analytics
     Performed regular inventory of the company’s articles, sources, images, advertisements, and other published media to ensure alignment with legal constraints and permissions
     Conducted company-wide staff training on best practices focused on development and monitoring of digital platform content
     Led efforts in increasing brand awareness by writing and copyediting articles for English grammar, accuracy, legibility, and purpose
     Interacted with account executives to discuss marketing statistics and determine if clients and sponsors’ promotional campaigns goals were met
     Collaboratively worked with News, Sales, Administrative, Operations, and Engineering teams to efficiently manage digital content, client/viewer needs, and equipment, as well as to improve company revenue
    Key Highlight:
     Spearheaded campaigns and launched new and effective strategies and digital marketing events across the company that led to significant increase in digital sales revenue

    Web Producer and Developer 2014–2016
     Fulfilled several duties which included maintaining the company’s social media channels and content with post management programs; working with reporters in translating content for digital transmission; and attending to viewer’s comments, posts, and questions
     Generated and published appealing and captivating content on all types of online and digital media, social platforms, and websites using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Visual Basic
     Created and implemented high-quality graphics and digital images for the company’ site, while analyzing and documenting website analytics and performing constant quality checking
     Disseminated pertinent information to appropriate personnel to serve as guidelines in making content decisions and increasing reach and engagement
     Analyzed immediate priorities including website issues, top-level content complaints (copyright/legal accusations), and overnight equipment breakdowns associated with digital products
     Communicated with the online community in resolving concerns and questions from various platforms, including Facebook and Twitter
     Proactively participated in news meetings to keep updated on the latest events, as well as with sales meetings to confer on new clients and identify their needs and concerns
     Supervised engagement drops on digital/web content by assessing potential trends, monitoring website content for features testing, determining issues, and resolving problems
    Key Highlights:
     Refined and reviewed targeted messaging, compelling headlines, and call-to-action links, thus increasing website click-through rates and sales goal conversions
     Drove 400% increase in user engagement in both content and website numbers across several platforms by testing target audience engagement which involved identification of data and industry trends

    Service Coordinator | Web Designer and Developer – Creative Services 2012–2013
     Carried out several duties including administering company website; developing scripting, and coding websites for clients; leading technology engineers; recording sales data; and maintaining client schedules
     Attended to phone calls to answer clients’ inquiries, assist in walk-in requests, finish orders, and collect and record payments
     Utilized Adobe Creative Suite in designing and publishing webpage and logos for customers